Budget Consultation 2022/23

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Closes 9 Jul 2021

Background Information

A message from Councillor Adam Yates, Portfolio Holder for Resources & Transformation for West Lancashire Borough Council:

Hello, and thank you for taking part in our budget consultation. West Lancashire Borough Council is asking for your views on our spending priorities to help us shape and balance the 2022/23 Budget, which will include setting the Council Tax levels for that year.

We are proud of our role in providing services for our communities, many of which are essential to our residents and businesses.

The Council has seen substantial reductions in the funding from Central Government over the past decade which has contributed significantly to the financial pressures that it is now facing to maintain services at current levels.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added to the financial pressures, with additional services set up to support residents and local businesses during the crisis. These services have included a ‘Food Hub’ for vulnerable families and those who had to shield at home, the West Lancs Together partnership which helps people access further support, and providing additional accommodation for the homeless.

We were honoured to provide those services alongside our other essential work such as providing refuse and recycling collections, and our crews were out every working day during the pandemic. But as a result of these extra costs we are having to look at all of our services to see where savings can be made and consider how we can increase our income.

As you can see from the graphic below, we only receive approximately 11% of the Council Tax paid to us by local residents. Most of the money raised through Council Tax goes to Lancashire County Council to provide services such as education, highways (including repairing potholes) and adult care services. Many of the services we provide are listed on the graphic.

Data represents 2021/2022

We want to hear your views on where you think we can save money. Your contribution is really important to us and will be one of the key factors taken into account when we set our budgets for next year and the years after that.  The pie chart below provides a brief overview of what our current spending looks like.

Data represents 2020/2021

Please click here for a more detailed breakdown of the functions that each service in this pie chat provides


  • Clean & Green service e.g. grass cutting, road sweeping,  verge maintenance
  • Enforcement Officers – e.g. enforce fly tipping, untaxed vehicles, and dangerous dogs.
  • Garden Waste Collection
  • Gardeners
  • LCC Highways Maintenance*
  • Maintenance of Playgrounds
  • Recycling Collection
  • Refuse Collection
  • Trade Refuse Collection
  • Weed Removal
  • Erection of Christmas Trees

*LCC highways Maintenance, including the repairing of potholes, resurfacing and marking of roads.  Last year LCC fixed almost 45,000 potholes, and despite the challenges of COVID and lockdown, staff have continued to deliver repairs and their annual maintenance programme at pace.   This year LCC will aim to resurface and maintain 175 miles of roads, and fix 90% of reported potholes within 20 days.



  • Maintenance of Public Conveniences e.g. toilets
  • Maintenance of Lighting & Public Buildings



  • CCTV - monitoring and maintenance of all CCTV cameras in the Borough
  • Community safety -  providing and coordinating multi-agency problem solving and solutions to tackle crime and disorder
  • Licensing -   accepting and processing various licences, authorisations and permits, including alcohol, entertainment, taxis, gambling, street trading and animal welfare.
  • Pest Control -  integrated pest management services to the public and business
  • Food Safety and Health & Safety Services -  statutory regulatory services and advice to relevant businesses in the Borough
  • Environmental Protection - responding to complaints about statutory nuisance (noise, air, land, water) and providing statutory services relating to pollution control and public health
  • Emergency Planning - civil contingency and business continuity functions



Our Home Care Link emergency response system provides 24-hour help to council residents in sheltered housing schemes. It also provides a telecare lifeline alarm service to over 8,000 private properties, companies and public sector organisations.



  • Housing Renewal - The grants the private sector housing team provide e.g. disabled facilities grants, home repair assistance grants etc.
  • Housing Enforcement - This is private sector housing enforcement so enforcing housing standards in the private rented sector, licensing HMOs etc.
  • Private Sector Housing Management - This relates to the costs of the private sector housing team, i.e. the salaries, office costs, central recharges etc.
  • Homelessness - This is the homelessness team who undertake statutory homeless assessments and homeless prevention work.



  • Countryside Parks 
  • Beacon Park Golf Course
  • The Ranger Service
  • Leisure Centres
  • Community Centres
  • Children's Play Areas & Urban Parks
  • Sports Pitches and Public Open Spaces
  • Health & Wellbeing Programmes  
  • Christmas Light Switch On Event


GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, Building Control and Technical Services:

  • Festive Lighting
  • Flooding
  • Gritting of some Council areas
  • Motorfest
  • Parking Facilities
  • Street Nameplates
  • Town Centre Management
  • Environmental Monitoring & Management


GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, Strategic Planning Regeneration and Housing Strategy:

  • Cycle Scheme
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Ormskirk Market
  • Parking


GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, Development Management Heritage and Environment:

  • Green issues - includes maintenance of trees and shrubs
  • Planning Appeals



Includes the management of commercial units for rent including Wheatsheaf Walk in Ormskirk, Sandy Lane in Skelmersdale, and the West Lancashire Investment Centre.

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