Electronic Signatures

Closes 30 Nov 2020

Opened 21 Oct 2020


In July 20, at the Digital Project Board, the procurement team brought a proposal to introduce electronic signatures for small value contracts to speed up the award process. At the same time the Housing team identified that it would be beneficial from a cost / resource perspective if a solution was sourced linked to providing electronic signatures on documents such as Tenancy Agreements. As part of a desktop exercise, companies such as Docusign, Adobe and echosign were explored, all provide easy-to-use digital transaction platforms that let users send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely.

An outcome of the review, was to pilot Docusign, across Housing Services for a period of time to agree proof of concept and potential next steps.

Running alongside the pilot, it was agreed that we needed to understand if such a product would be beneficial to the organisation. To enable a temperature gauge to be gained, it was agreed that a simple survey would be designed, asking DMT's a series of key questions to establish a view as to whether there was a demand across the business for electronic signatures.

Following completion and analysis of the survey and the pilot within Housing, if it is identified that there is sufficient demand across the business, we would recommend to the Digital Board that further steps need to be taken to progress this work. This would include establishing a business case to demonstrate return on investment, whilst identifying resources to support the delivery of this project. The information received is an introduction into the work that is being planned to support a wider conversation to emerge linked to electronic signatures.

In the meantime, if you require more detailed information about electronic signatures, please refer to the Government site using the related link below:

Why we are consulting

To understand if there is sufficent demand from all services for electronic signatures.

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