Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Closes 20 Feb 2019

Opened 9 Jan 2019


Residents, businesses and landowners in and around Burscough are being encouraged to give their views on a new plan for their local area. The Burscough Parish Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by Burscough Parish Council in consultation with the local community and has now been passed to West Lancashire Borough Council as the responsible body to take forward to completion in line with national legislation.


The neighbourhood plan contains a vision, objectives and policies for the Burscough parish area, covering a time period to 2027. It will shape what development takes place in the future and where, what new buildings will be expected to look like, what new infrastructure may be needed and which sites, such as open spaces, should be protected.


Public consultation is taking place on the neighbourhood plan for a period of 6 weeks between Wednesday 9 January to Wednesday 20 February 2019 during which time comments are invited upon the content of the plan and the evidence base which has been used to inform the preparation of the plan.

Why We Are Consulting

Once the neighbourhood plan has been formally submitted to the Borough Council by the Parish Council we are required to take the plan forward to completion (called being 'made') in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations.


Following the close of public consultation Borough Council officers will collate the responses received and are required to send them, along with the Submission Neighbourhood Plan and supporting evidence, to an independent examiner who will consider if the plan is satisfactory.

Give Us Your Views