Submitting Sites (SHELAA)

Closes 31 May 2021

Level 3 Privacy Notice

1. How we handle your data

Completing the SHELAA form enables you to submit a site to West Lancashire Borough Council for our consideration as a potential development site as we prepare Local Plans, one of our legal duties.

If you choose not to submit all the requested information it may have an impact on whether we can assess the site as available, this could rule it out from consideration as a potential future site allocation.

For further information as to how we handle your data, please see the Level 2 Privacy Notice Below.  Paper copies are available on request. If you would like to discuss this notice, or how we will use your personal data, you can contact a Planning Policy Officer via or on 01695 585284.

Level 2 Privacy Notice

Level 2 Privacy Notice

West Lancashire Borough Council

Development and Regeneration Services – Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment


 Who We Are

The Strategic Planning and Implementation Team, which is part of the Development and Regeneration Directorate at West Lancashire Borough Council (WLBC), takes your privacy very seriously and will keep your personal data secure at all times.


Your Data

WLBC's Strategic Planning and Implementation Team will only hold your personal details for the purpose of identifying and assessing potential development sites for the future needs of the Borough, through the Council's Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment ('SHELAA'). This is part of WLBC's statutory planning function (the preparation of Local Development Plans).


Retention of Information

We will hold your details until such time as the site you have submitted is developed, or the site is excluded from the WLBC SHELAA. We will endeavour to confirm with you on a five-yearly rolling basis that you are happy for your site to remain in the SHELAA, and that you are happy for us to continue to hold your details. After the retention period expires we will delete your personal data from our systems and any hard copies will be securely shredded.

We have a data protection regime in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of your personal information, and also use appropriate technical safeguards to keep your information secure.


Third Parties

We should not usually need to share your contact details with any third party. (To date, the only time we have needed to pass on site owners' contact details has been when 'sequential site searches' have been undertaken, in line with Local Plan policy. These searches involve a site owner, proposing development on his / her land, being required to contact other site owners in 'preferable' locations (policy-wise) to ascertain whether any of these 'preferable' sites are available for development.)

If a need arises at some point in the future to pass your details to a third party, we will first contact you to inform you who the third party is, and to ask your permission to pass them your contact details. We will only share your details after obtaining your express consent at that time. You have the right to refuse any request from us to share your contact details.


Transfer of Data

We will not transfer your personal data to a country outside of the EU.


Automated Decision Making

We do not engage in automated decision making using your personal data.